Send an email to Include 3 or more songs in WAV or FLAC format via a Google Drive or Airbridge link. Include all relevant social media links and any listen links such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify ect. Review usually takes about a week or so, and if we're interested someone from our team will contact you. If you don't hear anything back feel free to submit again in the future. 


Artists, Bands, Groups, Producers, and DJ's that are dedicated to their craft. We are intereested in ALL GENRES. 


A chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself. A community, a brotherhood, a collective, a movement. If any of these words resonate with you, that's what we are. More than that our label is made up of a few Graphic Designers, a few Musicians, several Sound Engineers, and 90 percent of Soundbomb are Producers. Currently we specialize in Hip-Hop and EDM. Instruments played among our members are Drums, Guitar, Bass, and Keyboard.

Things we can help with:

-Promotion across our platforms




-Digital Distribution

and we are currently working on getting Merch


To create the best music we can. To give our Artists a home that allows them creative freedom without having to deal with Industry bullshit, and to provide them with anything that they may need. We've only been around for a year but we plan on being around forever. As we grow so will the things we can offer. The fuse is lit, join us and be a part of the explosion.